The Head Office
The Company is based in Manzano with an office in Udine in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the north east of Italy at the border with the Venice region, Slovenja and Austria.

The Origin
The Firm is established in the 1950s as an electric system manufacture and since the “60s has  increased its competence in the electric and automation fields being present in the Chair-Manufactoring District of Manzano and in areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

The Development
After 45 years of traditional business the years 200 marks a turning point. The engineer Giorgio Pozzetto, son of the founder, Silvio, aims, as a real pioneer in the area, at developing the sustainable Energy Field through the study and the spead of solar photovoltaic innovative technologies, the Eolic Energy and the Cogeneration.

The Mission
In more than 10 years' experience and co-operation with the main photovoltaic multinational Companies, the firm has acquired technical knowledge and a highly guaranteed product so that it can put itself on the market as an ideal partner in the realization of various sizes and power photovoltaic systems. In the years dozen of pv have been tested and the quality and criticality of most of the modules and inverters, present in the market, are well known. The firm is able to offer its customers only tested and selected products, with precise electric features, efficiency and reliability. The priviledge partnership with some intemationally well known pv manufacturers lets us offer certified modules with target's power guaranteed where, before the grid connection, all the features are carefully tested; this leads to the realization of absolutely omogeneous PV strings, which guarantees a better overall performance of the plant.
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